NATO fighters attempted to drive away from the Russian defense aircraft by escort aircraft

Russian News Agency Tas (TASS) reported that a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) fighter plane today in the Baltic Sea neutral waters, trying to approach the aircraft carrying Russian Defense Minister Xiao Yigu, but was escorted Russian fighter jets are driven away.

According to reports, at the time of the incident, the plane carrying Sergei Shoigu was returning to Moscow from Kaliningrad, the westernmost territory between Poland and Lithuania, and the Russian side also contained a plane. TASS reporter. Xiao Yigu previously attended the groundbreaking ceremony of a military academy in Kaliningrad.

The report pointed out that a Spanish F-18 fighter in Lithuania tried to approach Xiaoyigu’s plane but was driven by one of the Russian escort Su-27 (SU-27) fighters.

Today, Russian (RT) and other Russian media broadcast a video showing that a Russian fighter quickly left to move in the direction of NATO fighters, forcing NATO fighters to change direction and fly to the left.

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