Russia’s test firing explosion is related to the polar sonic cruise missile project

Trump government officials said today that the United States believes that Russia’s deadly bombing last week was related to the Kremlin’s ultra-sonic cruise missile program.

Russia’s explosion on the 8th, the authorities yesterday buried five dead scientists in the isolated town of Sarov. According to the Russian state-owned nuclear enterprise (Rosatom), the explosion on the 8th was an accident when a rocket test was carried out on an offshore platform off the coast of northern Russia.

A US official who declined to be named said that Washington did not intend to comment on whether the explosion was a nuclear explosion at this point in time, but believed that the incident was related to radioactive elements.

The anonymous official told reporters that the explosion on the 8th may represent a major setback in Russia’s related plans, but it is still unclear whether the explosion was caused by the failure of the launch.

The official added that Russia’s attempt to develop a supersonic patrol missile raises another concern that the New Start will expire in early 2021 and whether it should be extended for another five years.

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