Trade tensions Pew: American people have a good impression on China

The Pew Research Center reported today that US-China strategic and trade tensions have risen in recent years, and the US public’s favor for China has plummeted.

Agence France-Presse reported that the Pew Research Center said that 60% of Americans did not like China, the highest rate since the survey began 14 years ago, and 47% said last year that they did not feel good.

Although US President Trump was on the trade issue in China after taking office in 2017, more Americans see China as a military threat than the economic threat.

Most (53%) of the respondents believe that the relationship with China’s economy is tight, but half said that China’s economic development is good for the United States and 41% is considered a bad thing.

The Pew Research Center pointed out that despite the rise of China’s economy, there are more Americans who believe that the United States is the most powerful economy in the world.

In contrast, 81% believe that China’s military growth is a bad thing, prompting strategic reach into the Pacific Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Middle East.

Both China and Russia are seen as the countries that pose the greatest threat to the United States, and then to North Korea, but respondents are far less worried about North Korea’s threat than China and Russia.

In addition, compared with Democrats, Republicans tend to have a negative view of China and are more concerned about China’s military strength.

When the Pew Research Center started the survey in 2005, the American people felt much better about China. At that time, only 35% did not like the Asian power.

In 2012, the sentiment turned sharply, and after half of the respondents held a negative view on China.

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