Entrepreneurial Emirati women lead by example in the world

Women in the UAE have strengthened their leadership in all fields thanks to continued support for good leadership.

The UAE is a role model in the world in supporting women’s participation in political life and parliamentary work and involving them in the country’s renaissance.

Emirati women have registered a prominent presence in parliamentary work and a clear message for the past 13 years since the launch of the Empowerment Program and the organization of the first parliamentary elections in 2006.

According to the empowerment program issued by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, may God protect him, the parliamentary elections are expected to witness an increase in the number of female voters compared to previous experiences, in addition to the increase in the number of female candidates for membership in the Council to reflect the increased opportunities for representation.

The participation of women in the Council of Ministers was 29 per cent, in senior leadership positions associated with decision-making, 33 per cent, in the boards of government companies, 15 per cent, and in the diplomatic service, 10 per cent were women.

Her Excellency Noura Al Suwaidi, Director of the General Women’s Union, confirmed that Emirati women are now ready and ready to play their full role in all sectors and fields of work in the country thanks to the support received from the wise leadership in the country and the attention given to women by Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak President of the General Women’s Union. The Supreme Council for Motherhood and Childhood is the Supreme President of the Family Development Foundation.

Al-Suwaidi said that women are ready for all political, economic or social work and all other fields. They have proved this in many locations and achieved amazing results. Women are currently represented in the Federal National Council and are now ready to do their duty in the council after the wise leadership announced raising the percentage of representation. Her to become 50 per cent.

She praised the role of Her Highness Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak in advancing the status of women in the UAE and highlighting her role and capabilities, especially in the political field in implementation of the National Strategy for the Empowerment of Women, which was launched in 2015. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed in 2005 in order to create conditions for greater participation and contribution of the citizen in public life and in the ongoing development process.

For her part, Eng. Azza Sulaiman, a member of the Federal National Council, said that the UAE Women’s Day is an occasion not merely to talk about empowerment, but to remember and celebrate the fruits and models of empowerment that were filled by the UAE citizens who occupy very important positions and often job positions and roles never before. Around the world, these models are not confined to the size of the homeland, but spread and around the world until it reached space. Health machine astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri during his stay aboard the station and the supervision of his health upon his return from space. “

According to Azza Suleiman, everyone, both men and women, has become aware of the fact and value of the role played by women under the dome of parliament, especially among the youth segment.

“All of this is due to our wise leadership, which has transformed any traditional view of the role of women in the UAE, and has created a unique environment that stimulates positivity and innovation, leaving only an opportunity to support women.

The impact on parliamentary representation and the participation of women has become our opportunity as citizens to achieve ourselves and serve our country more than the most developed and developed countries and the ball in our court to determine the role we play in the advancement of our society and our nation through the exercise of our legislative and supervisory role.

She added: “With pride, Emirati women have achieved in a record time the presidency of the Federal National Council and within ten years of being elected a member, while some of the oldest parliamentary experiences took 70 years to reach the title of the UAE parliament proved itself a member of the Council and chair of committees and a member of international parliamentary delegations and all this is just the beginning of the way Long for a parliamentary future befitting our state. “

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