‘Save Kashmir’ campaign organised outside near Broken Chair at UN Geneva Office to demand freedom for Kashmir

Today at the Broken Chair monument outside the UN Office of Geneva, activists from the Save Kashmir movement assembled to galvanise critical support for Kashmir. Kashmiris from across Europe travelled to Geneva to assert to the UN their demand for full freedom of Kashmir from Pakistan.

Kashmiris have long suffered under hostility, aggression, and brutal terrorist campaigns at the hands of Pakistani state-sponsored armed groups who have used the Kashmir Valley’s special legal status as their operational playground. 

The Kashmiri’s from all over the Europe gathered together at Broken Chair and raised slogans seeking for Freedom of Kashmir. It is worldwide known that the atrocities over Kashmiri’s living in Gilgit and Baltistan have never been acknowledged and discussed at length. The Kashmiri’s gathered together to show solidarity with fellow Kashmiri’s residing in Kashmir under constant fear and threat from Pakistan Army.

It is paramount that the global community (1) recognise Kashmir’s demand for full and complete freedom and (2) put pressure on and level appropriate sanctions against Pakistan until and unless it immediately ceases its terrorising of people living throughout the Kashmir Valley. 

Kashmiris across the world are united with the Save Kashmir movement: the world cannot continue to ignore Pakistan’s role in exacerbating the plight of the Kashmiri people while Islamabad continues to ravage Kashmiri communities. The global community does not have the luxury of waiting any longer to fight for complete and full freedom of Kashmir from Pakistan. 


Credit : https://4newsagency.com/