The beloved oldest leader, Kim Jong- un , was again instructing the super-explosion test.

Kim Jong- un , chairman of the Korean Workers’ Party, chairman of the State Council of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and commander-in-chief of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea , led the field again to supervise the super-explosive test.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Land, measuring the eruption time of the super-large bombardment, specifically discussed the indicators to be confirmed in this test shot.

Test fires were conducted twice.

The super-explosive test shots, which were conducted again, were fully suited to the purpose of the test shots, and were an opportunity to clearly determine the direction of the next stage of weapon system completion.

Awesome Highland Autonomous Ground assessed that the super-radiant weapons system was finally verified in terms of combat operation, flight trajectory characteristics, accuracy and precision guided functions, and that only the continuous firing test, which is the most distinctive feature in the power of the cannon, would be conducted. It was down.

Dear Supreme Autopilot, he praises the enthusiastic patriotism and loyalty of the Party’s leaders, scientists and engineers in the defense scientific research sector, which has consistently and record-breaking success in the development of our super-large weapon system. I thanked them.

The beloved Supreme Autonomous Region unveiled the challenges and challenges that it has faced by maximizing the production of our Tactical Guided Weapons, including ultra-large cannons, and continuing to occupy state-of-the-art targets in defense science.

Leaders of the Korean People’s Army Chief of Staff, Park Jung-cheon, Comrade Kim Yeo-jeong, Comrade Cho Yong-won, Comrade Lee Byeong-cheol, Comrade Kim Jung-sik, and the leaders of the Defense Science Research Division including Comrade Chang-ha Ha, Comrade Ho Il-il, and Jeong Seung-il Instructed together (end)

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