Yingxiang Johnson & Johnson 6 defeats 6 defeats Halloween Brexit seems to be an opportunity

Special Commissioner to see the world (Central News Agency reporter Dai Yazhen, London 10th special) In the end of this session, the British Prime Minister Johnson and Johnson once again proposed an early general election motion, the House of Commons voted in the early hours of this morning and was rejected. Johnson & Johnson has lost in six games in Congress, and the possibility of leaving the European Union on October 31 seems to be getting worse.

In fact, since he took office in July, Johnson & Johnson’s first-hand off-campus card has been playing badly. Although he sat on the prime minister’s heart, he did not have a few days. The Conservative Party’s advantage in Congress was reduced to a parliamentary by-election. There was only one seat left, which made him unable to display his hands and feet. Johnson & Johnson wants to restart the Brexit negotiations with the EU and is also categorically rejected.

Although Johnson said that he had confidence in bringing back the EU exit agreement from the European Union, he had a tight schedule and seemed to have a non-agreement to leave the European Union. In order to prevent the opposition from cohesive forces, the Johnson & Johnson also made a move to ask the Queen Elizabeth II to close the Prorogation, and the adjournment was the longest record in modern history for five weeks, so that the opposition would boo, only When Halloween is over, whether or not an agreement is reached, Brexit will naturally come to fruition.

However, under the command of the chief aide, Dominic Cummings, Johnson & Johnson’s plan made him lose his heart in the Conservative Party, which eventually led to the defeat of 21 Conservative MPs and their investment in the enemy camp, which is equivalent to the attempt of Johnson & Johnson to promote in Congress. All the plans were sentenced to death.

For Johnson & Johnson, the past six days should have been thrilling. From the 3rd to the present, there is no one thing to follow his heart, all the way pressed by the opposition.

On September 3, the opposition party and the defector Conservative Party members joined forces to obtain the decision-making power by voting. On September 4, the House of Commons promoted the “Anti-Agreement to Brexit Law”, and voted through the second and third readings in one day to send the bill to the House of Lords. Johnson & Johnson then proposed an early general election motion. If the vote is passed, all the legislation that is being promoted will be suspended, and the parliament will be dissolved, but it has not passed the 2/3 threshold.

On September 6, the bill was passed in the House of Lords. On September 9th, the Queen’s Royal Anti-European Law on Anti-European Law, the second time that Johnson and Johnson proposed an early general election motion, and once again came back.

Usually the ruling party proposes an early general election. The opposition party will vote in favor of regaining power. However, Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the opposition Labor Party, said that Johnson’s early election was a poisonous apple handed to Snow White. The poison inside is no agreement. Ou, not willing to bite the bait, was forced to be a coward.

Because they had to deal with it before the recess, the House of Commons voted after 12 o’clock in the middle of the night. The opposition Labour Party members were even unwilling to accompany them. As many as 222 Labour MPs did not vote and left the Conservatives to play. As of today’s early vote, the Johnson & Johnson government’s record in Congress is 6 defeats and 6 defeats.

Compared to the slow pace of Brexit over the past three years, the past week has been extremely fast. Although the parliamentarians were forced to take a five-week holiday after the adjournment ceremony this morning, in order to completely block the non-agreement of the Brexit, it is expected that there will still be a tidal wave during the recess.

When Johnson took over as prime minister on July 24, there were about 100 days left until the time of Brexit, but now there are still 51 days left, halfway through, but the goal of Halloween Brexit seems to be getting farther and farther away from him. However, the past week proved that the political arena is changing rapidly. There are still seven weeks left on October 31, and anything can happen.

Credit : https://www.cna.com.tw/news/aopl/201909110101.aspx