Biden hardened for the first time and advocated impeaching Trump

The Democratic Party’s presidential primaries, the highest-ranking candidate, Biden, said for the first time today that President Trump should be impeached. The former vice president said that Trump’s “betrayment of the country” violated the oath of the presidency and made impeachment.

Joe Biden told supporters in the election campaign in New Hampshire: “In order to uphold the constitution, our democracy and our minimalist demeanor, he should be impeached.”

Biden added: “President Trump’s words and deeds have prosecuted himself. He has obstructed the judiciary and refused to answer the congressional investigations and convicted himself. In the eyes of the world and the American people, Trump violated his inauguration vow, Betrayed the country and made a move that could be impeached.”

The Democratic Party competes in the 2020 presidential election to challenge the Republican Trump. Biden has always been optimistic, and now the momentum and federal Senator Elizabeth Warren tied for the lead. Trump has repeatedly accused Biden of corruption, but has not submitted any evidence.

Biden criticized Trump and said: “He is ruining the Constitution and we cannot let him go.”

These words show that Biden’s position has become tough. Even if Trump had previously been kicked and asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate the information against Biden and his son working in Ukraine, Biden had performed better than most other Democratic Party members in the case of impeaching Trump. Choosing people to control.

However, after the White House announced yesterday that it would not cooperate with the impeachment of the Democratic leader of the House of Representatives last month, Biden began to pay a heavy hand and accused Trump of saying: “He believes that the entire US government can be degraded and used to expand him. Personal political needs.”

Trump was accused of abuse of power and pressured Zelensky on the phone to link Ukrainian aid to investigating Trump’s father and son. Biden said in response to this matter: “He even restrained Congress and Congress from granting foreign aid to personal political needs.”

After Biden made this conversation, Trump immediately replied with a tweet, alleging that Biden and his son “retracted from at least two countries and entered millions of dollars, but advocated impeaching me, and I did nothing wrong.”

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