The international community is rave about only victory and glory

The international community is enthusiastic about the great Chosun Workers’ Party, which boldly defeats all the challenges and trials of history and is leading the way of socialism to the path of victory.

The joint statements of the Swiss Organizing Committee, the Swiss Shipbuilding Committee and the Swiss Juche Idea Research Institute pointed out that:

President Kim Il-sung founded the Korean Workers’ Party on October 10, 1945, and fortified it as the staff of the Korean revolution.

He built the Workers’ Party as a mass party deeply rooted in the wider masses of people and directed the party’s activities to realize the people’s wishes.

Under the wise leadership of Kim Jong Il , the Korean Workers’ Party developed into a mother party united with the masses.

Chairman Kim Jong-un formulatesthe revolutionary thoughts of the great leaders into Kim Il – sung – Kim Jong- ilism, and leads the socialist construction energetically.

Under the direction of the Korean Workers’ Party, which led to him, the Korean people are advancing for greater victory.

México Korea Friendship Association Chairman is funny excuse, powerfully socialist powerhouse construction Dag While Bush did the vicious aggression and provocation maneuvers in 70 years imperialist past the WPK Kim Il comrade, Kim Jong Il not be thought of laying tteyeo and accomplishments Il, the Korean Workers’ Party Chairman, who Under Kim Jong-un ‘s command, the Koreans praised the greatness of imprisonment.

The Director of the Institute for Agricultural Science, Guine, Kim Il-sung, said that the great unity of the Hall of Famers was achieved in Chosun by President Kim Il-sung and Sir Kim Jong-il . He emphasized that the only guide to the victory and glory of his long-established Ro Jung-woo, with the absolute support and trust of the popular masses, was his leadership as Kim Il – sung .

The Joseon Worker’s Party’s 70-year-old history was regarded as the history of the popular masses of the People’s People who regarded the people as heaven and died for the people.

The Workers’ Party of Korea always believed in the people and advanced the revolution and construction based on the power of the people.

The noble politics of love of the Chosun Workers’ Party is a unique politics that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Since there were people who supported and supported the party absolutely, Joseon was able to carry out the socialist feat successfully without shaking in the history of history.

Kim Jong-un ‘s leader is the leader of the Korean Workers’ Party and the masses of the people.

The dean of the Komadam Military College in Laos said:

Under the leadership of comrade Kim Il- sung, comrade Kim Jong-il , and respected Kim Jong-un , the great leaders of the Korean people, the Workers’ Party of Korea has embroidered proud history of development.

I hope the Korean people will be able to achieve great results in socialist construction following the leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party, accompanied by Kim Jong-un .

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