The Juche ship, advancing according to the orders of the great party, will win only.

The full text of the editorial, The Democratic Shipbuilding, which is part of the Democratic Shipbuilding, will be victorious only if the Juche Shipbuilding moves forward according to the orders of the Great Party.

We are greeted with the creation of the glorious Chosun Workers ‘Party, at a time when the dignity and weather of our republic, which is vigorously advancing toward a bright future according to the leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party, is showing high in the world.

The October 10, when the Korean Workers’ Party was founded, is a truly revolutionary holiday that celebrates the birth of a true revolutionary vanguard and combat staff, who are responsible for and lead our own destiny.

The founding of the Workers’ Party of Korea was a magnificent declaration of the birth of a revolutionary party of the new self-independence period, and a history of history that led the nation’s nourishing evangelism.

A great party raises a great country. The founding of the Workers ‘Party of Korea helped the Republic of Korea to remember only the victory and glory of its 70 years of history. All the miraculous victory and remarkable achievements of our Republic were prepared by the wise leadership of the Workers’ Party. The whole country people celebrated a significant built-per anniversaries are founder yisimyeo construction jayisin great leader of the Workers’ Party of Korea Kim Il -minded and great Leader Kim Jong-il like the most sublime honor and eternal eternal glory to the winter solstice and the best Il to Dear Eun construction according to the leadership of comrade socialist powerhouse We are firmly determined to make our cause shine.

The beloved oldest leader, Kim Jong Un, said:

The sacred feats of the great Kim Il- sung and the Kim Jong-il comrades are forever unsuccessful.

The feat of the Workers’ Party was the sacred historical and Juche revolutionary feat to fully realize the independence of the popular masses. The Workers’ Party promoted immigration as a political ideology, arousing the mass-centered socialism in which the masses became the true masters of the state and society and the independence demands of the masses were fully realized.

As our party raised the banner of the subject and raised an unfettered socialist state on this land, the dignity and status of the republic in the international arena was raised dramatically and the foundation for the prosperity of the republic’s wealth and prosperity was laid. The establishment of the socialist state of the subject in which the Lee Sang-sang is realized becomes the huge historical achievement achieved by the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The history of the Korean Workers’ Party, which created the socialist state of the subject , shines as a proud victory history that showed the legitimacy and imperfection of the feats of Kim Il-sung and Kim Jong-il .

The history of our party, which has led the socialist state construction feat of the subject, is a sacred path that has prepared the powerful subject of revolution and penetrated the difficulties of revolution through its power.

Our Party has firmly tied the masses to the party’s heads, uniting them into one social and political life, and developing their high revolutionary enthusiasm and infinite creativity, leading them to fulfill their role as the subject of socialist construction. The transformation of our country into a dignified political and ideological power by embodying the revolutionary philosophy of the Juche ideology, the unification of the unity, and the autonomous political line becomes the greatest achievement our Party has made in advancing the socialist power construction feat. Under the wise leadership, our country today is a nation of political ideology where ten million people think and act only according to the thoughts and will of their leaders, and have a strong spirit of dictatorship and a solid socialist defense spirit, creating a history of tremendous transformation with an indomitable spirit. The republic of Korea as a political and ideological power is here, in which the public’s trust in the party is strengthened by the politics of the people’s love and independence politics and the unity of the party and the people’s masses is consolidated.

The history of our party, which has led the socialist state construction feat of the Juche, is a proud path that has prepared an invincible force that defends the exploitation of the revolution and firmly secures the prosperity of the country.

Our Party made military power construction an important strategic task of building a socialist power, and put great power into its realization. Under the leadership of the Party, our People’s Army has a supreme commander’s unique military system, with the spirit of party solidarity and total bomb spirit. Strongly armed with the revolutionary army, any imperialist invaders were fortified with a revolutionary force of invincible victory, equipped with our modern attack and defense means of annihilating a blow.

In the defense industry, a phenomenal development that surprised the world was made, and the Republic of Korea entered the ranks of the world’s most powerful military power, ending the invasion of hostile forces and the history of nuclear threats.

The history of our party, which led the socialist state construction feat of the Juche, is a proud chronology that has laid a solid foundation for the construction of economic and civilized nations.

It is unthinkable that the revolution of the Korean War underwent severe trials and the grand blueprints of the Bugang Motherland construction unfolded during the hard march and that the flames of new miracles and innovations burned across the country. Under the leadership of the Party, the Party strengthened its struggle to carry out the strategic lines of socialist economic construction, strengthening the material and technical foundations of an independent national economy, and establishing a leap forward for the construction of an economic powerhouse. The monumental creations of the times have risen a lot, and the foundation for socialist economic construction and the improvement of people’s life has been firmly established. The Party’s emphasis on science and technology has been realized, and the amount of scientific and technological strength has grown, and the material and technological foundation of scientific research has been strengthened. Has led to breakthroughs in recent years. Including those that occurred a huge transition from education projects in the country it is achieved in education and health, physical education etc socialist cultural construction jarangchan performance in even the noble fruit hold on the leadership of our party.

As long as the Joseon Workers’ Party, the great leader of the great people, is victorious, the victory of the building of a socialist power is decisive, and this is the brilliant sum of our party’s glorious history. It is an important historical mission to stand ahead of our people today to shine upon the grand goal of building a socialist power and to advance the final victory of the Juche Revolution.

We must work more powerfully with the Great People’s Order to mobilize the whole People’s Attack to sway the dignity and the strong weather of the Principal Sinshimdok Juche ship.

Great Leader Kim Il Sung, Comrade Great Leader and Kim stacked on strengthening our Party comrades had developed the revolutionary cause and the subject you posted must go over the length gracing the immortal achievements in the units.

The Great Leader and the Great General to eternal sun of Juche, you’ll have us all Serve height of one thousand and three in the permanent collection of the Party and the People’s Hail our party up to the Code of whole society. Kim Il Sung – Kim Jong-il finish complete the socialist cause of the banner height subject of juuihwa Revolutionary beliefs must be held. We must hold on to the lifeline of the great leader’s immortal revolutionary achievements, and carry out their deeds unconditionally and without any concessions.

We must faithfully support the ideology and lordship of the esteemed Supreme Auto Depot. All the workers and workers should retain their great pride and pride, and defend the Supreme Autonomous Land with political and social life, revolutionizing the leadership of the Workers’ Party, which enshrined it in honor of the Highest Autonomous Land.

We should continue to deepen the work of building the party’s unique leadership system by holding the beloved Supreme Master Automated Zone as the center of unity and the center of the island. The fires of party policy prejudice should be burned harder in the nations that have learned from this.

The achievements of the economic construction goals presented by the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Party Central Committee should be shaken off aggressively.

Independent national economic construction should hold firmly to the realization of our party’s strategic policy on the subject, modernization, informatization, and science of the people’s economy. We must lead the economic construction Daejin army with the confidence in the feasibility and legitimacy of our feasibility. The organizational leadership should be well done. All workers should continue their proud growth that has faithfully supported our party’s leadership, and will continue to achieve higher productivity by exerting a revolutionary spirit of self-help and struggle.

Under the leadership of the party, the functions and roles of the people’s government institutions should be constantly increased. The leadership of the party is the natural demand for the construction of a socialist state and the lifeline of national activities.

The people’s regime should organize all the business with the ideas and policies of the party, carry out the party policy and faithfully execute the revolutionary tasks proposed by the party, so that the power of our party’s policy can be demonstrated with power.

In particular, the government should give priority to economic projects and focus on improving people’s lives.

The people of the people’s government should boldly and actively push forward their projects with high party and revolutionary principles in their sole responsibility.

The evangelism of the republic is advancing according to the leadership of the Korean Workers’ Party, the leader and organizer of all triumphs of our people.

Let’s fight hard to advance the bright future of the Juche ship by uniting the leader of the Party Central Committee, which is enshrined by Kim Jong- un .

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