The International Security Council affirmed that the Turkish offensive on the Syrian territories undermines the security and stability of the region and leads to increasing the suffering of civilians and the displacement of large numbers of them, in addition to hindering the delivery of humanitarian aid. Representatives of the Council’sContinue Reading

Moscow’s Basmanny District Court has placed under house arrest Alexander Mylnikov, who is charged with using violence against a Russian Guard officer, an Interfax correspondent reported from the courthouse on Wednesday. “The investigators’ motion is granted, Mylnikov is to be placed under house arrest until December 14, 2019,” Mylnikov isContinue Reading

British police banned climate change demonstrations, but today there are still about 150 mothers ignoring the ban, with a sly child to go outside Google’s London office in London. At the same time, activists also protested in front of the Google subsidiary’s YouTube office. Mothers said they were responding toContinue Reading