Venezuelan Justice Minister Tarek William Saab announced today that he has released key opposition figure Edgar Zambrano. The Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly of the Venezuelan, Zambian, was imprisoned in a military prison after being arrested for supporting the April 30 uprising of opposition leader Juan Guaido. Agence France-PresseContinue Reading

New York State today became the second state in the United States to ban the addition of electronic cigarettes. E-cigarettes have long been advertised as less harmful to the human body than traditional cigarettes, but after several incidents of suspected e-cigarette-related deaths, they have raised concerns. After hundreds of casesContinue Reading

The social networking site Facebook (Facebook) said today that it has completed the establishment of the “Independent Oversight Committee” charter, this group will have the right to veto Facebook’s CEO Zucker on the issue of content appropriateness The opinion of Mark Zuckerberg. Agence France-Presse reported that this new group graduallyContinue Reading

A 10-year-old girl has died in the hospital, her family said in a statement on Monday, after she contracted a rare brain-eating amoeba while swimming in a Texas river. Lily Mae Avant swam in a river and lake over the Labor Day holiday weekend earlier in September, then suffered aContinue Reading

Apple embarks on an epic court battle with the EU on Tuesday, fighting the commission’s landmark order that the iPhone-maker reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes. Lawyers for the world’s biggest company will face EU officials in a Luxembourg court, challenging a decision that CEO TimContinue Reading